After seeing this movie, 2 different feelings overwhelmingly occupied my mind... 1.) We are sooooooooooooooooooo lucky that we are here (not in INdia) and in this genearation not born in 1938 ;  comparing with my own problems,it becomes nothing at all~    2. ) feel quite down and helpless to those Hindu women regulated by their religious customs.. ,even now,after thousand years the situation is not changing much to those un-wealth widows...  


Though women-revolutionary has somehow changed the structure of society in many developed countries, not to those countries lie with thousands histroy, like China,  it reminds me of some similarity of customs in old China culture, it's more likely to 童養息in the past Taiwan's or China society , however, the difference is that widows were living like normal people as others in China; but in Hindu society, widows are isolated and marked with dressing in white sari for whole life, and also limited their diets (widows couldn't eat fried foods,for example) ,keep bald for whole life too... miserably seemed to deprive their nature & normal rights of being a human !   How powerless they are in that kind of society!?!  and how come those women can bear and take it for granted ?? they never think of fight back for themsleves ?? I see how much powerful that their religion reigns them...,completely control well ....


In end of this movie , the actor said one thing to reveal another truth lies in Hindu's law, he said to another widow who is taking this Hindu rule faithfully, :  "  It is about your family having one less person to feed and one less sari to offer, also more space available of your house; it's literally religious reason,however ,It's actually all about money, that is why your family cast you away. "   That's a very good excuse to send widows alway from home, which no one will against it, and also by the way makes their families less guilty, coz it's ''Religion"..... 


If u ever seen any "BOllywood -type" movies, then u would come to notice that this one is absoluately out of that kind of style, most of Bollyewood movies are mostly intended to 'enteraintment' people, mainly with indian girls dancing, singing, more like 'musical movie' with meaninginless content (mostly old-type love story,very boring actually,better define it as a long MTV than a movie) ;   this movie is "real-movie " to reveal the part of reality  behind  Hindu mystery to outside world , however is banned in India;  i think so INdians should see this movie  that might guide them to understand no more sacrifices should happen bcoz of their stupid caste system or extremism religion.  BUt naive me, come to think of it, since it doesn't change much in the past thousand years, how could it possiblily changed in 50 or 100 years ?


Though this movie really depresses me , it in another way inspires me too, that we really need to cherish everything we have on hand in this life......all in all ,this is worth seeing, take your time,and think it over, we are very lucky indeed !   trailer..

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